An Urgent Invitation

March 03, 2021

As someone who has found her home in public service, Anita Cozart of the District of Columbia’s Office of Planning recognizes that while there is power in one voice, true change requires collective action and a heaping dose of courage.

We've Completely Screwed Up How We've Priced Modes of Transportation

January 26, 2021

David Zipper shares how perverse incentives and negative externalities are part of the reason US transportation policy prioritizes decisions that benefit individuals and not those that benefit communities like public transit, sidewalks, and bike...

It's Important to Have a Voice

January 20, 2021

Lessons in civic engagement from his immigrant parents and early rides on Amtrak and BART in the 1970s shaped California State Transportation Agency Secretary David Kim’s commitment to both public service and equitable mobility which he’s using...

Episode 99: Seek More Common Ground with Barb Chamberlain

December 28, 2020

Barb Chamberlain, director of the Active Transportation Division at Washington State DOT, shares how her upbringing shaped her desire to advocate for those whose voices are often ignored and to search for commonalities in order to get things...

Episode 96: From Road Share to Mode Share with Tara Pham

December 09, 2020

After being the victim of an automobile-bicycle crash, Tara Pham co-founded street sensor startup Numina to give communities a better way to understand how people were using the street so that planners can create safer, more equitable, and more...

Episode 94: One Voice to Elevate Other Voices with Lynda Lopez

November 25, 2020

Being an advocate can be scary, especially when you are challenging those in power. Lynda Lopez has spent her career as an advocate confronting and overcoming that...

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