There’s No Shortcut for Understanding the Context of Your Community

February 17, 2021

For Remix’s Rachel Zack and TransForm’s Jamario Jackson, the combination of technology and advocacy to advance mobility justice is more than an academic exercise; it’s a tool to achieve more equitable outcomes, if we’re willing to do the work.

There Needs to be Vision and Imagination

February 10, 2021

To truly solve climate and poverty issues, the Shared Use Mobility Center’s Sharon Feigon believes it’s not enough to increase access to shared and low-impact mobility options like transit, bikes, and scooters. It will truly require changing how...

We've Completely Screwed Up How We've Priced Modes of Transportation

January 26, 2021

David Zipper shares how perverse incentives and negative externalities are part of the reason US transportation policy prioritizes decisions that benefit individuals and not those that benefit communities like public transit, sidewalks, and bike...

It's Important to Have a Voice

January 20, 2021

Lessons in civic engagement from his immigrant parents and early rides on Amtrak and BART in the 1970s shaped California State Transportation Agency Secretary David Kim’s commitment to both public service and equitable mobility which he’s using...

Episode 94: One Voice to Elevate Other Voices with Lynda Lopez

November 25, 2020

Being an advocate can be scary, especially when you are challenging those in power. Lynda Lopez has spent her career as an advocate confronting and overcoming that...

Episode 93: Always Dreaming About What it Could Be with David Howard

November 18, 2020

As Chief Deputy Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Transportation, David Howard must balance not only the needs of both urban and rural transportation users, but also the potential of innovation with the foundation of transit networks.

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