Effective Leaders Empower Those Around Them

May 05, 2021

As founder of the Queer Advocacy and Knowledge Exchange, Guillermo Díaz-Fañas is working to ensure that the important work of designing infrastructure is done in a way that doesn’t just respond to issues like climate resilience, but to the humans...

Every Local Community is Unique

April 07, 2021

Director of Transportation for the city of Somerville, Massachusetts Brad Rawson shares what makes Somerville so unique and how they are centering equity in their work by using science and data to remedy systemic injustices in transportation.

Democracy Runs on Coalitions

March 24, 2021

Move LA founder Denny Zane was instrumental in getting transit funding measures passed in Los Angeles County. He shares the importance of seeing opportunities in otherwise disappointing turnouts to make improvements and try again.

People Know They Matter

March 17, 2021

SEPTA’s Leslie Richards has led organizations at the local, regional, and state levels cognizant of two things: that more women should be involved in public service and that the best way to lead is by listening.

An Urgent Invitation

March 03, 2021

As someone who has found her home in public service, Anita Cozart of the District of Columbia’s Office of Planning recognizes that while there is power in one voice, true change requires collective action and a heaping dose of courage.

Keep Using Your Voice...

February 24, 2021

In a special two-year anniversary episode, L’erin and Josh get updates from former guests, highlight some episodes that resonate with them, and celebrate the power of using one’s voice to advocate for an equitable, accessible, and verdant...

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