Episode 95: Far Too Focused on Solutions with Daniel Firth

December 02, 2020

Daniel Firth has spent his career helping communities around the world study and implement congestion pricing, one of the most politically challenging transportation tools available. One of the most critical lessons he’s learned can be applied...

Episode 94: One Voice to Elevate Other Voices with Lynda Lopez

November 25, 2020

Being an advocate can be scary, especially when you are challenging those in power. Lynda Lopez has spent her career as an advocate confronting and overcoming that...

Episode 93: Always Dreaming About What it Could Be with David Howard

November 18, 2020

As Chief Deputy Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Transportation, David Howard must balance not only the needs of both urban and rural transportation users, but also the potential of innovation with the foundation of transit networks.

Episode 92: Straighten, Then Strengthen with Paul Supawanich

November 11, 2020

Episode 91: Equity is not going to happen on its own with Graham Stone

November 04, 2020

Episode 90: It’s Incumbent Upon the People Leading Projects to Rectify Systemic Racism

October 28, 2020
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