4 Proven Ways to Improve Passenger Happiness in Public Transit

March 03, 2016

The Future of Transit is Seamless

March 02, 2016

The nature of the public transit system makes it inherently complex to navigate. With an amalgam of schedules, stops, routes and vehicles, determining the most optimal way to get somewhere can be a challenge. The advent of open data (such as GTFS...

6 ways TransLoc Traveler’s survey feature is changing public transit

February 24, 2016

In October, TransLoc made it possible for transit agencies to effectively and painlessly get feedback from their riders with a unique in-app survey feature. Unlike anything available in transit, it’s truly a survey like no other—and we’re just...

Extending the reach of transit, the first-mile/last-mile question

February 23, 2016

TransLoc’s top 10 favorite transit stops in the world

February 10, 2016

Transit stops and stations don’t have to be boring and overlooked. They can be quite the opposite—fun, functional, whimsical, and beautiful. There are some fantastic transit stops all over the globe, and we’ve listed our 10 favorites submitted by...

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February 04, 2016

Eliminating Public Transit's First-Mile/Last-Mile Problem

January 26, 2016

The most commonly cited standard [for walking distance to transit] is 400m or ¼ mile.

How TransLoc Gets You There with Uber and Public Transit—It’s Uber Simple

January 13, 2016

Why a former transit CEO is teaming up with a tech company

December 09, 2015

I’ve spent my entire 46-year career in public transportation, seeking to make transit meet the needs of people in communities across the US. I’ve experienced firsthand what it’s like to provide a public transit system in older cities, like Boston...

How Will People Move in Five Years? Part IV: Public Transit That Works

December 02, 2015

In early October, I had the pleasure of talking about how people will move in five years at the American Public Transportation Association’s annual meeting. Here at TransLoc, we’re passionate about solving the biggest problems plaguing the public...

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