Introducing OnDemand – Revolutionizing public transit through demand response technology

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Imagine a world where transit responds to demand before it happens. With OnDemand and Traveler, we’re one step closer to making this world a reality. TransLoc OnDemand is more than just demand-response transit technology—it’s the next step in uplifting mass transit as a realistic mode of transportation for all.OnDemand Blog Title Image

In May 2015, Fast Company wrote:

Public transit, with $40 billion in funding every year, is unlikely to go away anytime soon. But integrating new technology may help it keep more customers, get more people out of cars, and keep a vital service efficient for those who can’t afford other options.

Traveler was our first step to revolutionizing mass transit options. As a data analytics engine, Traveler allows both us and our agency partners to better understand how people move through cities, with actual information about riders’ origins and destinations that goes further than just the bus stop. Our next step is to help agencies offer fast, reliable transit options that are flexible to individual needs and are simple to implement and operate—hence, TransLoc’s newest product: OnDemand.

Existing fixed route-based transit systems are just that: fixed. Currently, demand must respond to the availability of the transit options, as opposed to a healthy economic model in which supply responds to the demand.

There are plenty of advantages to fixed-route transit systems, not the least of which is operational simplicity. But we challenge transit agencies to think smarter, to ask themselves “what service options do riders want?” as opposed to “what service options are the easiest for us to deliver?” Look no further than the success of Uber, Lyft, and various other on-demand transportation options to understand that this is the direction in which the world is headed and there is now legitimate competition to traditional public transportation.

We built OnDemand to not only help transit agencies capitalize on this future, but to do so in a simple, dynamic way. Want to offer full on-demand service to your customer base? No problem. Only want to provide demand-response service between specific, pre-defined locations? Done. Need to explore solving the first mile / last mile problem? We’ve got you covered.

We’re proud to have three US universities going live with OnDemand this month to manage their Safe Ride and late-night services. For them, the literal demand from the student body was a driving force behind their decisions to implement our product. OnDemand’s integration with both the Rider app and TransLoc’s other products allows agencies to anticipate needs in real time, providing a more cost-efficient and streamlined system.

If you’d like to learn more about what we’re doing and how you can take advantage, click here.

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