4 Tips You Need to Know to Get Home Safe on Halloween

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I don’t know about y’all, but Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. And no, it’s not because someone decided that it is socially acceptable to be 1) a public nuisance; 2) a public nuisance dressed as a cop; or 3) a public nuisance dressed (barely) as a sexy cop. I love Halloween-time because haunted corn mazes are a blast, getting creative with silly costumes on a budget is my jam, and (for me) pumpkin carving is basically a sport.

Things I don’t love about Halloween? Overcrowded bars, higher crime rates, and drunk drivers. Here are some tips to plan ahead and stay safe while you prance around as the one-millionth Waldo you’ll see that night (sorry, but where’s Waldo on Halloween? EVERYWHERE).

  1. Figure out your game plan. Are you going to a house party? Are you starting at a house party and then heading downtown? Are you starting downtown with every intention of making it out alive? It’s important to know what your plan is because A) parking is a literal nightmare; B) finding your car the next day is like Scream 2 never ends; and C) you’re not Harry Potter (despite your best costumed effort) and transporting yourself and your friends once imbibing has begun is not like apparating…you need a game plan. 
  2. Is your game plan to be the DD? GREAT! Have a backup plan, because not everyone’s a hero and Halloween might break you.
  3. Know your ride budget if you’re planning on using Uber or Lyft. These are a great option 99% of the time, but on Halloween and during other high-demand times, Uber uses something called “Surge Pricing” and Lyft has “Prime Time” to help defer the high volume of ride requests in peak times. That means the normally affordable and delightful service is now charging up to 10 times the usual price. Don’t be like this guy who got charged a whopping $455 and didn’t find out until the next day, or this girl who had to crowdfund her surprise fare of $362.57. Make sure to use their fare estimator before you schedule your ride.
  4. Do you know if your university has a Safe Ride system or is extending their transit service for the holiday? Many universities have a Safe Ride program to provide students with late-night rides after traditional bus service has ended. These programs offer on-demand shuttles that transport students both on and off campus (depending on your university). If your school uses the TransLoc Rider app and has a Safe Ride program, you may be able to schedule a ride right in the app, just like Uber!

The important thing to remember is that there are options and planning ahead makes the night go a whole lot smoother. Just make sure you have fun AND stay safe, k? Good talk.

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